Stool Sample

At every annual exam it is recommended that you bring in a sample of your pets’ fecal matter. A microscopic evaluation of feces can tell us if your pet has certain types of intestinal parasites. This is important as there are many parasites that can be picked up from our environment such as in dog parks and through the ingestion of wild animals. Animals can pass these parasites to other animals or other pets in your household and can even be passed to YOU!

Intestinal parasites often go unnoticed as they dwell mainly on the inside of the body. However, they can cause a wide array of problems to the health of your pet as they make themselves at home in the body. Many animals become emaciated or malnourished as the parasites feed on the nutrients in tissues. As well your pet could become anemic due too the many parasites that survive by feeding on blood.

Signs that your pets may have an intestinal parasite include; vomiting and diarrhea, blood or mucous in stool, lethargy (lack of energy), loss of appetite and abdominal pain +/- bloating. However, there may be no visual signs that your pet has a parasite and that is why it is so important to have a fecal sample tested at every annual exam.